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 One Ranger Productions is an independent publishing company based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


One Ranger Productions is not currently accepting any submissions.


 One Ranger Productions exists to bring the Cliffside Chapel series to readers and listeners.  Our current mission is to provide a home in which readers and fans can connect with each other, "interact" with the characters, and find news about the series.

Our dream for the future includes editorial services, graphic arts services, and in general to promote individual creativity, excellence in pursuit of creative dreams, and community for the dreamers, movers, creators, and playful spirits in us all.


One Ranger Productions will provide support and advice on independent publishing and the production of audio books as well as referrals to professionals in the fields of: publishing, audio book production, graphic arts, and freelance editing.

current contacts:

 for editorial advice in Canada: Lauren Nesbitt: nesbitt4writers@execulink.com

for editorial advice in the US: Linda Odhner:  lsiodhner@newearth.org

for full graphic arts services, from book layout and cover design to printing: Alfelt Design: lisa@alfeltdesign.com  phone: 248.496.0507 (Lisa is fun, professional, knowledgable, and reasonable)

for graphic arts services, freelance artist: Wendy Popko: wpopko@aol.com

for advice on writing, publishing, and audio book production: Alison Longstaff: author@cliffsidechapel.com

Inspirational speakers and classes:

Alison Longstaff speaks to church groups, students, and special interest groups.  To request her services, or for more information, email her at: author@cliffsidechapel.com      or call 519-880-0180


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