Church Kitchen    

Welcome to the Church Kitchen!

 It is the home of a lot of the invisible inner workings of a church.  Refreshments magically appear for all sorts of occasions.

How does all this work get done?

Invisible slave labour!

Primarily women, who give

hours of their time and energy.


Working endlessly in the background, out of duty, devotion, the goodness of their hearts, and maybe a little co-dependant guilt....

There goes the church secretary

 with a little paperwork...


The kitchen is also the site of much coffee making. coffee

In this Canadian church kitchen, some of the favourite coffee comes from Tim Horton's and Second Cup.  


I recommend Second Cup's Raspberry Chocolate Coffee, Chocolate Truffle Coffee, or the Butter Pecan flavoured coffee with some cream.....  Mmmmm.

Would anyone want to order coffee here, were it available?

answer us at: