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What is "Swedenborgian"?


  About Swedenborg

Emanuel Swedenborg, (1688 -1772) never intended a denomination to be founded or named after him.  However, 15 years after his death, a society formed in London which became the parent church of most existing Swedenborgian denominations today.

As a result of Swedenborg's own spiritual quest and resultant insights, most of his readers embrace that same spirit of inquiry and spiritual growth.

  Swedenborg shared in his theological writings a view of God as infinitely loving and at the very centre of our beings, a view of earthly life as our spiritual birthing process in preparation for eternal life, and a view of Scripture as the story of our inner-life stages as we learn and grow.

To quote him, "All religion is of life, and the life of religion is to do good."

He also said that the sincerest form of worship is a useful life.

The overall spirit of Swedenborg's works urges us to respect differences in views and traditions among the broad range of human experience, and to find unity through tolerance and loving-kindness.

More About Swedenborg

What are the essential beliefs of Swedenborgians?

WE BELIEVE there is one God, known by many names.  

In our worship, we approach the Divine-Human presentation of Jesus Christ, believing that the Christian trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit comprises a complete presence of the One Living God, just as soul, body, and activity are simply three aspects of one human being.

WE BELIEVE the Bible contains the Word of God in whose pages we find two parallel stories: a literal journey of a specific people and a within that account a deeper, spiritual reflection of the human quest for spiritual life.

WE BELIEVE that people are spirits clothed in material bodies and that at death, our material body is put aside, and we continue living in a spiritual body in the spiritual realm.  The quality of our life after death is according to the quality of the inner life we lead while on earth.


There are many different scholarly and religious organizations world-wide who use Swedenborg's writings as guiding literature.

Swedenborgian Church of North America    The General Church of the New Jerusalem (North America)

Information and contacts for Australia 

Publishing House for Swedenborg-related literature   Information about Swedenborg (Canadian)

Leon James's Scholarly site

Online search engine of Swedenborg's many works  Online community for seekers and scholars

  About Swedenborgians

Is the Swedenborgian Church a Christian Church?


Then, that means you believe in God?


Do you worship Emanuel Swedenborg?


We use Swedenborg's concepts to help understand the Bible and to explain processes of spiritual growth.

Are most Swedenborgians Swedish?


Why have I never heard of this church?  Or Swedenborg?

Perhaps because Swedenborgians use the soft-sell approach to spreading the word and attracting new members.

Do your churches have youth programs?

Most do.

Do Swedenborgians consider people of other faiths to be on the wrong track?


We honour all who pursue their beliefs with passion and who strive to be useful and loving to others.

Are Swedenborgian churches open to same-sex couples?

Some are and some aren't.  The Swedenborgian Church of North America embraces individuals of all ages, colours, sexual preferences, religious origins and cultures. 


  Adapted from the flyer "Spiritual Sparks" as produced by J. Appleseed and Co.

Swedenborg Church of North America

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